She stretched her delicate bare arms on her sides. Her crimson red curls fell over her perfectly rounded shoulders. Satin beneath her slender legs creased, as she spread them away. Completely exposing her firm bosom, she laid on her bed, waiting for him, to take her to an intoxicating journey which she’d always dreamt of.

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Those glances from her window towards the end he lived, where they exchanged stories meagrely through eyes. Those sneak outs to his room jumping through terraces while everyone was asleep, and then, grazing the stars till the morning birds sang. Teardrops roll down today while holding her ring, as she remembers those magical furtive moments.

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Seconds seemed hours, minutes seemed days and days seemed months. He had his left eye stuck on the pendulum and his right eye focused on the mobile screen, waiting for it to ring and just hear “YES”. A wait, he just couldn’t bear. A zillion thoughts flowing amongst his mind, in which “disappointment” was none. […]

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An eternal rose that once blossomed, still spreads an enchanting fragrance attracting wanderlust bees that search for nectar. A rose, he remembers in every moment of his life. A rose, which now has no physical form but something more than that. Blurring between the words, hiding behind the sentences, she still dwells in his “stories”. […]

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It goes back to the time when school was a metaphor for playground, games were just building sandcastles, driving was just paddling tricycles and television was just watching cartoons. Blue those days just symbolized two phrases, “Blue, Blue God Bless You!” and “Blue Blue Chaddi Flew!” Today, the same old blue brings nothing but nostalgia. ===

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The gushing water from the shower stopped. The door slid and steam vaporized, as she came out in an untied satin bathrobe. Water droplets rolled from her wet hair to her bare shoulders and further, down under. Walking ahead, partially exposing her bosom and spreading her tantalizing charm, she neared him and kissed his lips. […]

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2.34 A.M. Sleep was conquering him. His mind was getting heavy, and even heavier were his eye lids.  There was a turbulent storm of thoughts whirling in his head. It had been fourteen long hours. He thought of quitting, but his subconscious mind convinced him not to.  Perils of a last day preparation they were.

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